Kitchen Protection

Is your kitchen covered?

Over 1,000 times a day, fires ignite in commercial kitchens. The failure of a suppression system to operate properly will prove very costly. With today's high-temperature appliances using oil and solid fuels, it's essential that your fire suppression system stay in good operating condition. That's why so many customers choose SimplexGrinnell service and inspection programs.

Kitchen fires are the leading cause of single and multi-family dwellings. 23.5% of all single family home fires start in the kitchen. 46.1% of all multi-family dwelling fires start in the kitchen. Two (2) out of Three (3) fires in these dwellings are started on the range or stove. The low cost of the Guardian I or III fire suppression system is nothing compared to the cost of rebuilding after a fire. Guardian I or III systems can be installed in under an hour and take up little space in above stove cabinets.