you may not see it coming, but FLAMEX will.

The FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System provides a common sense, cost effective measure for the prevention of dust collector fires and explosions.

Dust Collectors are the primary piece of equipment associated with dust explosions. It is estimated that 70-80% of all industrial explosions where combustible dusts are handled are generated within a dust collector.


There are 5 elements required for an explosion to occur:

  1. Fuel (Dust)
  2. Oxygen (Air)
  3. Dispersion (Dust laden air)
  4. Confinement (Dust Collector)
  5. Ignition (typically a spark)

It is possible that the first 4 of these elements may all be present at times within a typical dust collector operating under normal conditions. Under these conditions, should the concentration (MEC) and characteristics (particle size, dryness) of the dust constitute that it is deflagrable, all that is necessary for an explosion to occur is the introduction of a spark or glowing ember into this potentially dangerous environment.

The FLAMEX system can sense a spark or burning material in the ductwork upstream of the collection equipment and suppress it with a minimal amount of water in milliseconds before it can travel further downstream and become an ignition source for a fire or explosion. This simple and straightforward prevention approach minimizes or eliminates production interruption and can be implemented at a reasonable cost. The flexibility of the system allows its use with various components and in various system protection designs.


  • Paper Mills
  • Textiles
  • Manufacturing Lines
  • Rubber, Metal, Wood Processing