Precise Vision

Monitor and Control your Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

Fike offers the best solutions in graphic monitoring of intelligent fire alarm systems…at a cost that fits your budget. These event management packages directly interface with your fire alarm system, allow you detailed, visual information on exactly what is happening in your facility – so the safest, most efficient action can be taken.


Precise Vision is an easy to configure , intuitive, windows-based event management system designed to help facility managers and personnel quickly assess and react to alarm and trouble situations. PRECISE VISION monitors all Fike addressable fire alarm systems and provides complete device detail and event updates, with just a few clicks.

  • Zoom in and out of floor plans to view all conditions, routes, shut-offs and hazards
  • Quickly navigate to floors and locations of events
  • Display event history and progression
  • Email alerts directly to key personnel
  • Save hours of input time during initial start-up by downloading from CyberCat fire alarm system configuration


  • Intuitive, simplified operation
  • Windows-based
  • Touch-screen option
  • Automatically pinpoints current device
  • One-click device detail
  • Automatic email notification option
  • Dynamic “Take Action” instructions


  • Office Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Educational Facilities